Svetlozar Parmakov
Svetlozar Parmakov


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Born in 1964. He graduated ceramics in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1995.He has been working as a designer for the Floor and Wall Tiles Plant "Han Asparuh", Isperih,Bulgaria.At present he is Phd .


Svetlozar Parmakov is a virtuoso graphic artist of porcelain with an extraordinarily idiosyncratic stlye. In his works, ornamentation gets suggested by the form, although elements of Christian heraldry are made apparent. He achieves a powerful and original decorative style developed by a specially designed technique of artistic engraving, whereby drawings are engraved directly onto raw porcelain container and no sketch or design is used.

Then light-colour shades are rubbed in over the entire surface of the container which, after being fired at high temperature (1200°C), gets crystallized. The next steps include depositing of colloidal solutions of gold, silver and platinum and of singular colour accents. After that the container is re-fired at (850°C) and the effect of stained glass is obtained. By using this technique, he achieves a certain degree of aging, which is reminiscent of the "new antiques" trend


- 2012 Exhibition - Bulgarian Cultural Institute / Prague , Czech Republic
- 2012 Exhibition - Council of Europe Strasbourg , France
- 2011 Exhibition of modern art - Meinz , Germany
- 2008 Bienalle de ceramique Prevelles/Tuffe , France
- 2007: Silver Dollar City World-Fest, Branson, MO, USA
- 2006: Complex Arts Exhibition – Brussels, Belgium.
- 2005: Conducted an International Workshop in Ceramics – St. Etien, France.
- 1999: Exhibition of Applied Arts - Armagh and Kilkeny, Ireland.
- 1998: World Exhibition of Ceramics – Nagoya, Japan.
- 1997: National Exhibition of Ceramics - Sofia, Bulgaria.
- 1994: International Panel “Plastics in Nature” - Pulkau, Austria.

Symposiums and Competitions

2000 Inpex Gold Medal at EWEI-200 - Pittsburgh,PA,USA, Recieved an award for authorship in technique and style